I booked for three weeks individual training with Ellen and had the most fabulous time. She was so attentive to my needs and prepared the training daily to my requirements. I cried when it came time for me to leave to go back to Russia. The etiquette training was excellent but it was all the extras that made it so special. She took me out at weekends to Alnwick gardens and the Edinburgh festival. If we had time in the evening we went for walks in Jesmond Dean. We ate in all the top restaurants but we also had a great picnic with her grandchildren. It was such a special time, my sincere thanks to you Ellen 
Lilia Moscow Russia (21 years old)

Relaxed, participatory and fun teaching method by Ellen. The training was enlightening and educative. It left me
thirsty for change. Thanks for your time for your impressive and incredible guide. I will not be reluctant to endorse
​your web websites to any individual who ought to receive direction on this issue. 
Ellen was great at getting her point of view across she has really helped me to move forward I feel enthusiastic about
continuing to learn with her.  You have helped me to change more than I ever imagined was possible. My self esteem
​and confidence have greatly increased and I now feel more able to deal with difficult situations.  Thank you very much. 
Huxly  Chinese Student Newcastle University Dear Ellen... I had a lovely time and was touched by the effort you went too. Everything was absolutely beautiful; from
​table settings to atmosphere to the menu. Just exquisite! Vicky Newcastle  I went to see Ellen because my walk was dreadful. She showed me the way to walk and hold my self, my head and 
shoulders.This really helped to motivate me, she was really helpful and I plan to carry on using what I have learned.  Philippa Wood (17 years old), Leeds ​I found the session very enjoyable and practical I can use all of the information in the session immediately. 
I can use the information from now on and it will help me to feel better and look better.   Val Nevin, 55 Newcastle
You have helped me enormously, I now feel ready to deal with the difficult things at work and can cope much better.
The bullying has stopped as I no longer put up with it. The session was very inspirational, I think every piece of information I learned will find a use sooner or later. I enjoyed meeting you and having the chance to discuss some of my burning issues. I particularly appreciated the way you tailored the training to my specific requirements.   ​Joanna Jackson, 50 York   Although I have known Ellen for just over 12 months I have always found her a delight to work with nothing is too much for her. Very approachable and friendly. In business she represented the UKCP when we met at an EAC executive meeting in Switzerland. I am
sure that anyone dealing with Ellen can have the utmost confidence in her professionalism.  David Dutch, External Consultant in Communications at European Association for Counselling

 I was so honoured to invite Ellen Russell to come to China for the etiquette training event.  I’d like to say how successful the event was for the Stanhope Etiquette School in Shanghai.   Ellen Russell delivered the presentation as a key note speaker to over 100 participants in Shanghai many of who had made the 180 kilometres journey in a terrible rain story from Hangzhou. They were delighted with the event and said it was a fantastic and informative presentation where they learned a great deal about etiquette that they did not know. 

 The venue was superb for the occasion it was held in a very spacious, light, tranquil environment surrounded by beautiful gardens. I was able to translate the presentation for Ellen which gave the participants an opportunity to be interactive with the training and made this a lot of fun for all those involved. 
Hong Hui, Founder of  Stanhope Etiquette School in Shanghai.

Ellen Russell has visited St Mary’s School, Cambridge as a guest speaker during the “Ladies who lunch” session for our Sixth Formers. Having created a very relaxing atmosphere in the room and a good rapport with our female students, Ellen conveyed a lot of information about dress codes, email etiquette, poise and posture as well as effective introductions in a very knowledgeable yet approachable manner. Communication with Ellen before, during and after the event has been excellent as has been Ellen’s ability to accommodate our ideas for the event. Thank you very much, Ellen!
 Dr Janka Skrzypek, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, St Mary’s
Best training I have had in a long while. The facilitator was very lively, which made the session very interesting and I was more attentive.  The   training was interactive and very positive, it was a wonderful experience. It  was well packed, I  wished it would last for 4 days instead of two.  Well, for now I am a changed personality in case when you see me next. I really enjoyed it and hope you follow up, to keep us right. 
Kemi Pedro Lagos 
Ms Ellen Russell was a delight! Her teaching was humorous yet informative and she thoroughly engaged with the audience through her interactive sessions. Her practical examples also brought life to her sessions and the etiquette training will be useful on many occasions for our members" Thank you.
Felicia Enyonam at Kharis Ministires London  

Dear Ellen, I must say that I really enjoyed your training and you really made an impact in me. Above all you are a nice person. I do hope you  come to Nigeria again. For me I will really keep in touch with you and all the wonderful people I met on training. I will also ensure I inform you  when ever am in London. ​​I found all the modules clearly presented. You engaged everyone of us and your ability to  correct thoroughly and politely was exemplary. You  gave your heart and soul into the training. This training is indeed a transforming experience for  me. I’ll remember it always. 

 Odewsle Olasumbo Dola

Ellen helped me to feel comfortable working with other people in the room as I am normally very shy. She is a great speaker, everything she said interested me. I liked her personal stories which brought meaning to the training. 
Cameo Foster Alstom Rugby

Good Afternoon Ellen.
The event went exceptionally well thank you and we had some great feedback about how well briefed the chaperones were and how well they were able to confidently manage the conversations. Also from a personal point of view I went to the event with much more confidence and was able to play the role of event host with ease and sincerity. Thank You for this.

 Jo Evans Head of Marketing Communications Alstom UK  It was great to learn in such a relaxed atmosphere, everything was very clearly delivered and any questions were well received and fully answered. It was an excellent session with a great atmosphere. I would certainly recommend this training to anyone.  Jo Evans

Ellen was a very enthusiastic and clear presenter, making the session lively and engaging. The material was informative, clear and enjoyable.   I learned a lot about being more open and honest in the work place. The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments 

The training was very interesting and informative, I enjoyed the open and relaxed atmosphere which Ellen created. The way Ellen answered questions was really accommodating for the group. Her psychotherapy background was so useful for the group in building our confidence. I enjoyed the sections on introductions and withdrawing politely from a conversation. 
Caroline Taylor Alstom Rugby

Last night I attended 'Afternoon Tea with a twist' at Matfen Hall in Northumberland I had such a great time, the food was lovely, also the flowers and added extras were so thoughtful. We all had such fun and learnt so much about etiquette. I will certainly be interested in attending another and telling my friends to come along. Thank you Ellen for a great evening! - Juliet Williams

Had an absolutely fantastic time this evening having 'afternoon tea with a twist'. What a great idea and I learnt loads about the etiquette of afternoon tea. Thank you Ellen. - Susan Wolf 


 I learnt how to walk and sit down as well as gaining  an insight into various behaviours depending on the class system. I also gained an insight  into positive thinking.  This training was a commendable learning experience. I am glad and proud that I attended and I would most gladly like to  build upon this.  ​"Mr Etiquette" (Adekanmiotedola-Olusanya) writes "The Etiquette Forum" a full page article for "Thisday" a leading Newspaper  in Lagos.  He reported in the newspaper that, "The participants called it the best training they had ever had"

 I learnt many things that I was not aware of before now. For instance, not trying to make people like you and rather develop a deep liking for  yourself and what you stand for. To my amazement we covered a great amount of material. This training was very practical with a lot of class  discussion and participation which made the sessions interesting and lively.  

 FITC  members of Nigerian Bankers’ Committee.

Dear Russell, I must thank God for the life time opportunity to come across a wonderful and warm person like you as well as all  the nice faces on the training. Keep well and God bless you. We will always make you a home whenever you come around. The training you delivered was  mind opening to things I would normally not come across. It  was interesting and educational  definatley  a training not to miss. I can not begin to describe what I have learned. I recommend this training for anybody who would  wish to go far in social,business and formal settings.

 Theophin Nkem HR Manager Sapid  


The English School of Business and Social Etiquette has built an excellent reputation for delivering corporate training and etiquette courses worldwide. 

Participants will receive a certificate of completion from The English School of Business and Social Etiquette. 

Contact me now for  your one day etiquette training. Individuals and companies welcome. 

The training will cover: 

Making Introductions

Digital Etiquette 

Dining Etiquette

Dress Codes 


Improve Communication 

All courses CPD accredited 

A leading national newspaper (Thisday) reported:

"The globally renowned Ellen Russell comes to Lagos......The participants called it the best training they had ever had."


Ellen came across clearly as an experienced  competent facilitator with a mastery of the subject.
Mrs.Abimbola Jimi-Adebakin – Head, Consulting

The training was timely and highly educational. I gained a lot to build my professionalism and poise. The training was enlightening and refreshing. The stories Ellen told further enhance the training.
Monique Charles -Bintie 

Ellen was absolutely amazing I have definitely learnt a lot which I will apply to my daily life. 

Ellen you were fantastic absolutely amazing Pam MacB.  Thank you Ellen you were absolutely fantastic AngelaEllen you are what we call in Africa a real woman. Thank you for spending time with us loud African Queens Love Miss Meunigee. (Written comments from ladies birthday party in Kent)

Timely and needed. An eye opener. Never knew that I never knew much about business etiquette and protocol,
until I passed through this training programme. Thank you. 
Sunday Adepalem

The training was very helpful, interesting and confidence instilling for an upwardly mobile executive. 
Mr.Anjorin Oke – Head Research

The stories and case studies used by the facilitator were practical, engaging, interesting and enlightening.
The training is great I will recommended it to our clients and board members. 
Mr. Henry Amadi – Head, Design Studio & Productions

I enjoyed the stories that were told to back up some points. It was good interaction and a lot of class contributions
which were welcomed which made the whole session very interesting and lively. The training was enriching and
made me see the need for official business etiquette as a key interest. Excellent presentation by a personable
facilitator with handsome experience. Did the talk.

Honestly I enjoyed all aspects of the training. The presenter did a wonderful job with her knowledge.
This is a must training for office, business ambassadors and managers
Segum Makenale

I enjoyed every part of this training. The training is very rich, in-depth, illuminating, educative and refreshing.
The content and materials are rich covering a wide scope and the mode of delivery and presentation was
very interesting and practical.  
Mr. Alaba Ekundayo– Head, Corporate Affairs & Internal Special Projects

The facilitator was very lively, which made the session very interesting and I was more attentive. Best training I have

had in a long while. The training was interactive and very positive. It was a wonderful experience.

Ellen was very inspirational, she made the training very interesting and engaging. I enjoyed the conversation tips and the fine dinning session. She is an excellent trainer, humourous, engaging, with a very clear delivery.

Tanya Francia 

I enjoyed the activity the illustrations and the comprehensiveness of the modules. The flow of knowledge and
understanding from the trainer. I think we should have had more time as in fact I hate to acknowledge that I did not
want this training to be over. 
Martin Obinne 

What are people saying about the training from the 
    English School of Business and Social Etiquette?