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The training will cover: 

Making Introductions

Digital Etiquette 

Dining Etiquette

Dress Codes 


Improve Communication 

All courses CPD accredited 

A leading national newspaper (Thisday) reported:

"The globally renowned Ellen Russell comes to Lagos......The participants called it the best training they had ever had."



The English School of Business and Social Etiquette has built an excellent

reputation for delivering corporate training and etiquette courses worldwide.

Courses are certified for CPD and recognised internationally.

In the introductions module participants will  practice and learn:
​Social Introductions 
Introducing a Man to a Woman 
Introducing Family and Partners 
People of Equal Standing 
Social Functions Receiving Line 
Making an Exit from an Introduction 
An Indirect Introduction 
Responding to Introductions 
First Name or Salutation with Last Name 
Meeting People Outside 
Other forms of greetings based 
​on culture and religion
Rules of International Diplomatic Protocol
Introducing Titled People 

Business Introductions 
The Order of Introductions 
​ Body Language 
​ Introducing Someone from the Press 
Always use titles when introducing people 
When and how to introduce yourself
When introduced to someone 
Forgetting Names 
How to make a good handshake 
Body language when shaking hands 
Who should offer their hand first? 
Group Introductions 
Introducing a Guest Speaker 
Making an Exit from an Introduction 
Business Meals
The Role of Greeters at Business 
​ Functions Conference Calls

Would you like to feel confident in any social or business situation? The art of meeting and greeting people is one 
of the most important ways you can leave lasting impressions and demonstrate your professionalism. 

Mastering this art will help to put you and the people you are introducing at ease.   Failing to make an introduction 
can cause embarrassment and discomfort. Don't be one of those people who stand back because you are uncertain 
of the correct protocol for making an introduction.   

​ This module will provide you with an opportunity to practise both business and social introductions, including 
using the correct salutations to begin your introductions.   You will learn how to introduce yourself and others, 
how to exit an introduction, correct way to shakehands, group introductions, 
​ introducing guest speakers and a great deal more.