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The training will cover: 

Making Introductions

Digital Etiquette 

Dining Etiquette

Dress Codes 


Improve Communication 

All courses CPD accredited 

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Fine Dining 

The English School of Business and Social Etiquette has built an excellent reputation for delivering corporate training and etiquette courses worldwide. Courses are certified for CPD and recognised internationally. 

How to drink from a glass, tea or coffee cup 
The correct way to pass food and drink 
Receiving or giving gifts 
General fine dining etiquette and good manners 
Excusing yourself from the table 
Appropriate conversations 
Topics to avoid 
Behaviour to avoid 
R​espect for other guests

How to lay a formal dining table 
How to choose appropriate table linen 
Table settings, positioning of cutlery,
​ napkins,condiments etc. 
The proper placing of drinking vessels 
The correct placing and use of cutlery 
Seating arrangements, social and business 
How to break and eat bread 
The correct use of your napkin
​Etiquette for biting food and chewing
Do you ever doubt yourself when invited for a meal? After completing this module you will feel confident that you are knowlegable in fine dining.   People spend thousands of pounds on their education and forget that they will more often be judged on how they present themselves than what they know. More and more business deals and job interviews are being done over a meal whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is an ideal opportunity to be confident that you can dine with the best.  

​We eat three or four meals a day and for many of us fine dining is often in the company of others. Whether dining in a first class restaurant with your manager, work colleagues, or sitting with friends and family, an understanding of fine dining protocol prevents those awkward moments and makes time spent with others around a table more enjoyable.