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The training will cover: 

Making Introductions

Digital Etiquette 

Dining Etiquette

Dress Codes 


Improve Communication 

All courses CPD accredited 

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Dress Codes

The English School of Business and Social Etiquette has built an excellent reputation for delivering corporate training and etiquette courses worldwide. Courses are certified for CPD and recognised internationally.


 This dress codes module is very important if you want to make a good first impression. When we meet someone for the first time we make an immediate decision based on their general appearance. It is therefore crucial that we present ourselves to the best possible advantage and learn what the appropriate dress codes are for the many business situations we find ourselves in.   Look and feel great whatever the occasion; learn the nuances and characteristics of a well-dressed professional. 

.In the "Dress Codes" module participants will learn: 

Proper dress codes for women 
Proper business attire for men 
Business casual attire  
What to wear at a business dinner party 
What not to wear in business 
Proper fit and clothing care 
Select a capsule wardrobe  
Appropriate accessories for men and women 
Attention to good grooming 
Make the best of the shape of your face 
Matching your body shape and clothing 
How to use colours in your personal and business attire. 
Professional appearance checklist for women 
Professional appearance checklist for men