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The training will cover: 

Making Introductions

Digital Etiquette 

Dining Etiquette

Dress Codes 


Improve Communication 

All courses CPD accredited 

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Dinning Out

The English School of Business and Social Etiquette has built an excellent reputation for delivering corporate training and etiquette courses worldwide. Courses are certified for CPD and recognised internationally. 

Sending out appropriate invitations 
Etiquette for making reservation 
How to enter or exit a car or taxi alone or with guests 
Order of walking from reception to table with waiter or as the host 
​Who does the ordering in social or business dining 
Thoughts on price and top of the range dishes 
Which utensils to use for which course and how to hold utensils 
The order of the glasses and which glass is for which drink 
How to use your napkin 
Where to put your bag and personal belongings 
Etiquette for biting food and chewing 
​Etiquette for eating, soup, salad, fish, meat and puddin
How to drink from a glass and tea drinking 
Appropriate dining etiquette 
Sitting at the table 
How to break and eat bread 
Appropriate toasting 
Appropriate gift giving and receiving 
Appropriate conversation 
Appropriate interaction with restaurant staff 
Topics to avoid Behaviour to avoid 
How and when to introduce business discussion 
Etiquette for settling the bill 
​Etiquette for appropriate tipping
In this module you can choose to go for lunch, dinner or afternoon tea; this will provide an opportunity to dine in a first class restaurant and practice your skills.   We will discuss appropriate behaviour at the table, how to use your napkin, silver ware, glasses, and much more. It is a good feeling to know that your table manners are such that you can focus on the people you are with rather than which fork to use.   Many people do not realize that they are doing something offensive until someone points it out. Employers in today’s market can choose the crème de la crème when selecting staff. They will look for the entire package when hiring and choose people who they feel confident can represent their company in the best possible light. Practicing helps to make good table manners second nature