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Digital Etiquette 

Dining Etiquette

Dress Codes 


Improve Communication 

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  Digital Communication


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The Mobile Telephone 
Sending a text message  
Receiving a text message 
Mobile telephone etiquette and manners ​
​Confidential texts on the mobile

Answerphone Machines 

Your answerphone message  
Leaving a message   ​
Your answerphone message

Cyber Civility and Social Networking: 
Understanding what cyber bullying is
Practice the prevention of cyber bullying 

​​Social networking and the work environment 

Practice being a good cyber - citizen

Have you ever thought about how you send an e-mail or answer the telephone? This may sound like a rediculous question, yet most people do not know the correct format for doing this. In business using the wrong format for an e-mail or answering a telephone can leave the receiver of the message questioning your credentials.   The e-mail or telephone call you make may be the first contact you have with the person on the other end, make sure you leave a good impression.   

The inappropriate use of Digital Communication has been the cause of a number of deaths and suicides as a result of misuse. It is essential that we foster a conscientious environment similar to what we would expect from a civilised, polite society.  

  E-Mail Etiquette 
  Group e-mail
  “Reply to all” 
  International business by e-mail 
  Sending attachments ​
  Signing off the e-mail 
  Understanding phishing ​
  Protecting your e-mail account

What not to do in business e-mail  ..Reponding to an e-mail

  Phone Etiquette: Landlines 
  Speaking on the telephone 
  Telephone etiquette and manners 
  Making telephone calls 
  Receiving telephone calls 
  Putting the caller on hold 
  Taking messages 
  Transferring a call 
  Returning calls 
  Ending calls 
  Answering someone else’s telephone 
  Confidentiality on the telephone